Claim Automation

Maximizing ROI for insurers through targeted process optimization

We provide both the strategy for automating the claim process and the implementation services needed to execute on the strategy.

Our Approach to Automation Strategy

Automation can encompass everything from basic administrative tasks to complex flow-through property claims. We recognize that not all areas of the claims process may be equally suitable for automation and focus on implementing simple solutions that offer the best ROI based on client specific data.

To identify and quantify opportunities for automation, we begin by understanding the loss history and identify specific areas with opportunities for improvement.

For example, if a particular type of repetitive claim requires specialized technical knowledge, insurers could improve claim handling by the automated display of playbooks to assist in the decision-making process. This improves the customer experience by making the claims process faster and more efficient, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. By analyzing claims data and identifying the areas where automation can have the most significant impact, insurers can effectively improve their claims process, leading to more satisfied customers and growth in their business.

Our Delivered Solutions

We have helped insurers streamline their claim handling process by developing innovative software solutions that simplify the claims data collection process.

For example, we created a system that enables policy holders to report claim information via text message (SMS), which has greatly simplified the claims process at a major insurer.

Additionally, we used advanced analytics to identify patterns of technically difficult high frequency claims. This research is being incorporated into an automated claim flagging system to identifies such claims in real-time, allowing insurers to take proactive measures (e.g., display playbooks) to assist during claim handling and reduce cognitive load.

Our technology solutions have helped insurers to improve their claims handling efficiency, reduce costs, and provide an improved customer experience.